Outsourcing to India via VPromise

With the advent of great technological advancements made over the past twenty years, the opportunity to contact and do business with a client, business associate, potential business advisor, etc., living as far away as another continent, even on a daily basis, is no longer a time consuming nor expensive call. In fact it is as easy as logging onto a computer with Internet access.

By the same token, as the price of communication has slid to costs that are so reasonable anyone from anywhere can email or chat in real time with family and friends a world away, so has the price of other day-to-day job duties that are common place in offices across the United States and Europe. Jobs such as medical billing and/or inbound/outbound calling centers that have until now contributed greatly to business expense are nowadays being reevaluated by the conscientious business owner/manager looking to save on overhead costs and increase profitability.

The answer that so many savvy business owners/managers come up with is outsourcing. Sitting down and comparing the cost to do business at home versus what it would cost to outsource the work to India where manpower is plentiful for reasonable wages, keeping on trend with the current Indian economy, the answer is a no brainer due to the considerable savings.

Vpromise is your one stop resource for outsourcing destinations in India. Our success is a result of years of experience and knowledge that we have gained doing business in India and acting as the liaison between our business friends and associates in the U.S. and Europe.

By contracting with us we will guarantee that the special needs your corporation or smaller business entity require will be accommodated with ongoing professionalism and tenacity, as we stay in close contact with our outsourcing partners to be sure that everything is running smoothly, giving our associates peace of mind that their presence in India is being monitored for quality.

Vpromise has been incorporated and doing business in India for the past decade. We will act as your Indian representative, as we have our offices located right in the ever growing metropolis of Gurgaon, near New Delhi, and have secured and maintained excellent business contacts so we may bring our clients together with only the best people in the area to handle the job, no matter how big or how small.